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Lodging in Buenos Aires: 06Central Hostel, Downtown, Buenos Aires

06 Central Hostel

> Neighborhood: Downtown
Spacious modern designed hostel right in the downtown area, within walking distance from the pedestrians shopping streets: Florida & Lavalle.

Charlie's Hostel Residence, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires

Charlie’s Hostel

> Neighborhood: Villa Crespo
A Student Residence in a safe family neighbourhood, with affordable prices, and excellent services. We´ve been receiving students for more than 15 years.

Magandhi Hostel, Belgrano, Buenos Aires

Magandhi Hostel

> Neibourhood: Belgrano
All our rooms have private bathrooms & we have the best prices! We are a group of professionals trying to generate a warmth & comfortable place.

Tourism in Buenos Aires and Argentina


Tour packages to develop in Buenos Aires (City tour, Tigre Tour, Parachuting, Tango, Hot Air Balloon, Fiesta Gaucha, etc.) and Argentina (Iguazú Falls, Bariloche, etc.).

Palermo Bridge University Residence in Palermo

Palermo Bridge

> Neighborhood: Palermo
Is a new concept in high standard residences: new six floors fully equipped building, all rooms with private in suite bathrooms; LED TV & AA.

Lodging in Buenos Aires: Entis Residencia Universitaria, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Entis University Residence

> Neighborhood: San Telmo
Our facilities include a 6 story building, recently purpose built, located in San Telmo. Security, comfort, peace and quiet & a relaxed atmosphere.

Atahualpa Hostel, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires

Atahualpa Hostel

> Neighborhood: Villa Crespo
A comfortable & warm place to enjoy a great stay in Buenos Aires. In less than 10 minutes by subway you can reach the most important landmarks in BA.

Sira Residence, Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires

Sira Residence

> Neighborhood: Villa Urquiza
A colonial styled house completely restored with easy transportation and a wide recreational options: cafes, fitness clubs, cinemas, theaters.

Sudamerika Hostel, Downtown, Buenos Aires

Sudamerika Hostel

> Neighborhood: Downtown
Suites with private restrooms and rooms with shared baths (dorms). A restaurant-bar in our central yard on the first roof is always open.

Downtown BA Hostel, Centro, Buenos Aires

Downtown BA Residence

> Neighborhood: Downtown
Single, double, triple and rooms for four or more students. Easy access to main spots of Buenos Aires and many means of transportation.

Misericordia University Residence, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Misericordia University Residence

> Neighborhood: Recoleta
Accommodation for ladies in one of the most strategic and accessible places in the city, Recoleta. Very close to the main universities of Buenos Aires.

Play Hostel Soho, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

Play Hostel Soho

> Neighborhood: Palermo
Play Hostel Soho is located in Palermo Soho area, the coolest in Buenos Aires. Beautiful house, breakfast included, LCD cable, tours, WI-FI and more…

About Buenos Aires

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Hot Air Balloon

Live a unique experience. Would you like a hot air balloon ride at 200 metres? Don’t be afraid, it’s fantastic. This is your chance to do something totally different, a truly amazing adventure in Buenos Aires.

Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires

List of Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires. Take a Spanish courses in this great city. Spanish classes specially tailored for your needs and interests.