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Palermo Rose Garden, Buenos Aires

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The Palermo neighborhood gives Buenos Aires a green lung in the midst of its cement: Tres de Febrero Park, also known as Palermo Woods (Los Bosques de Palermo), with its different kinds of trees, artificial lakes and rose gardens (Palermo Rose Garden).

Palermo Rose Garden, Buenos Aires


El Rosedal de Palermo, jardinesThe Palermo Rose Garden forms part of Buenos Aires’ Cultural Heritage and is the most visited place in Tres de Febrero Park.

Designed by landscape artist Carlos Thays, the Rosedal is filled with roses in bloom. These delicate flowers scatter their varied fragrances throughout the gardens. A wrought-iron fence outlines the garden perimeter.

It has an enormous dock and inviting sun-filled paths to tempt you to explore and breathe pure air. When you want to stop, rest, and admire the scenery, you will find benches to sit on and fountains to soothe you while busts of famous writers offer you a taste of literary culture.


Here is a list of its principal attractions:
– The lake: numerous kinds of fish swim here, including carp and catfish. At the dock you can rent a rowboat or a pedal boat to navigate around the lake.
– The White Bridge or Lovers’ Bridge: as its name indicates, this bridge attracts lovers who wish to protect their love by performing a lovers’ rite. Legend says that lovers must hold hands, step on the first step at the same time with their right feet first, then stop in the middle of the bridge to kiss.
– Patio Andaluz: this Patio is found at one of the entrances to the Rose Garden. Its beauty brings to mind Spain’s Andalucía with its benches, its splendid fountain, its majolica tiled stairs and its gazebo.
– La Rosaleda: and its great variety of roses is the heart of the Rose Garden.
– La Glorieta: is covered with climbing roses and vines that bring its structure to life.
– The five Fountains: enliven the landscape.
– The Poets’ Garden: has twenty-six busts of important writers from around the world.


The Rosedal is located in the Palermo neighborhood, in what is known as the Palermo Woods; the Japanese Gardens and the Planetarium Galileo Galilei.

To get to the Rosedal, located at the intersections of Avenida Sarmiento and Avenida del Libertador, take one of these buses: 10, 34, 67, 128, 130, or 161.


To take advantage of the green lung with its pure air, people jog, ride bikes or rollerblade.


– Take your camera and batteries
– Take sunscreen and sunglasses on sunny days
– Music is great company
– Take good care of your valuables (purse, backpack, camera, Tablet)
– Rent a boat on the weekend-you won’t regret it
– Wear comfortable shoes


There is an option for every budget. If you prefer total privacy, the best choice is to rent an apartment. If you prefer direct contact with other tourists so you can share experiences and save money, the best option is to stay at a Hostel in Palermo. A more expensive option would be to choose a Bed and Breakfast.


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